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12 Minutes to Increasing the Value of Your Business

I have expanded my coaching practice through a partnership with a company called Built to Sell Inc., which has developed a unique system allowing entrepreneurs to enhance their companies' value.

The Value Builder System, aimed at businesses with sales ranging from $1m-$20m, allows an owner to see how their business stacks up with other businesses on key business metrics. Through a survey tool, the owner learns how they compare on eight core drivers of value. After the owner takes the survey, they get a score report, which is free; for those who want to improve their performance, I provide an in-depth assessment and recommendations for actions to increase business value.

I'm hoping you'll take a look at some information about the Value Builder System, and if you think it can help you, please take the free survey. If you think it can help any business owners you know, please share this post so they can take the survey and get their score report.

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