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Jesse Viola


APM Shipping Inc.

It amazes me to see the impact of putting an operating system to the way you do business. It gives you the ability to deal with and prioritize all of the things that you know you need to do, but never get around to doing. I can't emphasize enough, how much of an impact the EOS platform and Mitch York can have on your business, if you jump in and allow it to happen.

Tom Stein

CEO Americas

Stein IAS

Mitch York is the ideal coach and mentor. He has tremendous leadership skills, experience and judgment. He also has great empathy. These are the attributes that comprise a superior coach. It’s a rare combination of qualities and extremely difficult to find.


Akbar Hamid

President & CEO

The 5th Column PR

As a global communications agency that's expanding rapidly, 5th Column has reached the point where we need to prepare for significant growth. Mitch York is working with us to implement the powerful concepts of EOS that will allow us to scale in a systematic, sustainable way. He is engaging, super smart, and doesn't miss a beat. 

Ray Sclafani


ClientWise LLC

Mitch understands how to help others achieve the results they desire. His experience and understanding of the entrepreneur makes him invaluable to independent business owners.


Rob Basso


Associated HCM Inc.

Implementing EOS in our company with Mitch York's help has been transformative for our business.  We have improved accountability, a true operating system that positions us for future growth, and greater clarity and synergy among everyone on our leadership team and throughout the company on our long-term vision and how we'll get there.


Max Haspel


Blue Water Advisors

Mitch helped me define and better understand where I wanted to be in both my personal and professional lives. From there, he has helped me every step of the way from strategy identification to organization management and winning ideal clients. 

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