See that photo of the beautiful bay? It's in Miyako, Japan, at sunrise.  I took the picture while visiting my son, who teaches English to Japanese children.  Why did I choose that photo for you to see? Because, for me, it evokes the deep sense of peace I felt at that moment. It's a feeling I strive to recreate every day, right here at home on Long Island, NY—as far from rural Japan as one can get. 
In my work as a Certified EOS Implementer, I want business owners to feel that contentment and balance that memories of Miyako give me.
It's hard for entrepreneurs to have that feeling. They run hard. I've always worked in entrepreneurial businesses, starting with my dad's deli in Manhattan. The pace was frantic from before the sun came up until dark. As a kid, I was in the store every Saturday, wearing a too-big apron, watching Dad move through his work like a dancer. Never sitting down, always in motion, directing his team, making food, answering phones, teaching me how to butter bread properly, a Lucky Strike cigarette never far from his lips. Somehow, even with the stress and the smokes, he lived to be 90.
I, too, was always in motion in my work building businesses. I was a startup specialist for a big media company, launching magazines that made tens of millions in profits. I was president of LendingTree, implementing processes to build a juggernaut. In those roles, I rarely looked up, and I missed a lot.
After my corporate career, I became a business coach helping hundreds of entrepreneurs paint their visions, in industries ranging from finance, construction, retail, fashion, non-profit and more. 


 Then I discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System, and my life changed forever. EOS -- a simple system with a handful of tools and principles -- brings order to chaos, and give entrepreneurs the beauty and peace they deserve for having created businesses that mean everything to them and their people.
If you have the right products in the right markets, but you still can’t raise your head out of the tall grass, EOS is waiting for you. If you’re frustrated because your team isn't on the same page, if you don't have strong accountability, if you're not measuring the right things, if you don't have the right people in the right seats, if you're dealing with the same issues now as you were last year, if you lack basic processes followed by everyone, and if your team meetings fill you with dread instead of delight,  don't give up.  More than 8,000 other entrepreneurs have also experienced your pain and have overcome it with EOS’s help. When you're ready to get what you really want from your business, let's talk. You can reach me at 516-314-7169 or email mitchell@york.coach.

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