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What I Do

EOS Implementation

I help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams get more of what they want from their businesses by implementing EOS - the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Aimed at privately-held companies with 10-250 employees, EOS gives growth-oriented businesses alignment in three key areas we call Vision, Traction and Healthy:

  • Vision: I will help you get your leadership team galvanized on your company’s core values and purpose, which can then be shared by everyone in your organization;

  • Traction: I will introduce you to tools that create true accountability, goal achievement, and permanent problem solving; and

  • Healthy: When each member of your team embraces their role, and when they get it, want it, and have the intellectual capacity to do it, your team becomes healthy. As your leadership team goes, so goes your company.

I offer companies 90 minutes of my time with no obligation (other than your undivided attention) to introduce your leadership team to the EOS system and tools. I work primarily with companies in the NYC Metro area including Long Island and southern Connecticut.​​


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