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The Five Leadership Abilities Your Company Needs to Grow

How do you go from $1 million in sales to $2 million, and then to $5 million and beyond? It's an uneven path. But it's possible if you understand the Five Leadership Abilities you need to break through the ceilings you'll inevitably hit as your company grows. Here they are:

1. your ability to SIMPLIFY – eliminating complexity and reducing everything to the essential.

2. your ability to DELEGATE – freeing and elevating yourself to do what you do best, and doing the same for every person in your organization.

3. your ability to PREDICT – choosing the right path, long-term and short-term.

4. your ability to SYSTEMIZE – documenting and getting everyone to follow the essential procedural steps in your company’s core processes.

5. your ability to STRUCTURE – defining and organizing the “seats” or positions in your organization to reduce complexity and increase clarity, communication and accountability.

Learn more about it here.

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