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October 10, 2014


I'm dating myself by sharing this video with you, but it's worth it.


As a kid, I spent many happy Sunday nights at 8pm watching The Ed Sullivan Show. Erich Brenn, the plate spinner, was always one of my favorites. I didn't realize it then, but Brenn offers some valua...

October 9, 2014


Many people look at franchises when they are cut loose from the corporate world or contemplate a life apart from the mothership. I have been a franchise owner for 12 years and have learned a lot about how to be successful in a franchised business.  I receive frequent...

August 1, 2014

There's a fish store in town called Claws that always has a line. It's a couple of years old. There's always been some fish store there, but most failed, while this one has tremendous success. They renovated the parking area to include picnic tables and live music on...

July 14, 2014

While most people haven't been to boot camp, we all have an idea of what it's like. And while starting a business isn't the same as crawling on your belly in the mud...well, on second thought, it might be pretty much the same.


I just re-read a book, published a few yea...

July 8, 2014

It never rains on July 4th in New York. Until it does.


And this July 4th's storm was a doozy. Nothing to do all day my website. I had put it off for a long time because the one I created on GoDaddy a few years ago was painful and ugly. I was dreading th...

July 6, 2014


….was my dad (who lived to age 90 and would have been 93 today). He came upon entrepreneurship accidentally when he married my mother in 1954. At the time, he was at loose ends. He had worked for Sears Roebuck, the Miami Herald and some other places without establishi...

July 5, 2014


It’s rare to be an eyewitness to murder.


One of the leading companies in the New York City event planning business was killed recently, and its story has some lessons for people inside and outside the industry in which it participated.


The company was acquired by a mu...

July 4, 2014

Many years ago I took at class at Wharton taught by a very old gentleman who owned hundreds of small companies, each under $1 million in annual sales. He was interested in all kinds of businesses, as long as there was no competition, no SIC code (because if it has a bu...

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